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Naturally Colored Summer Onesie

Every mom's dream healthy and durable body overall suit - onesie.

Naturally Colored  Summer Onesie

Price: €49.00

Every mom's dream healthy, warm, durable onesie.
Girl brown with ruffles and butterfly mandala, green boy version :D

100% natural coloring and 100% natural organic fair trade cotton as always. 

100% organic natural fair trade cotton (Spain)

- 100% organic fair trade natural colored brown or green with stripes cotton (Spain)

- hypoallergenic metal clips (EU)
- waterbased print

SHIPPING (we ship on 3rd work day after you order):
We send it on the first work day after you order it.
5 – 10 days to the USA
2 – 5 days within EU
Faster shipping possible upon inquiry.